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Hello Relationship and Tantra Explorers,

We invite you to become fellow travelers with us in transforming your highly valued, but perhaps disappointing, relationship into a lasting, intimate, passionate love.


If your relationship is diminished by:

• repetitive upsets
• uncomfortable familiarity
• muted desire and mediocre sex
• insufficient quality attention


there is no need to resign yourself to this. You can learn to create an intimate and passionate love that captivates your attention. The pathway is multi-dimensional. Traveling it includes the psychological, sexual, spiritual, and physiological aspects of your experience.


On the psychological level - the level of Conscious Relationship - you will learn highly effective tools to shift that in yourself which does not work, and to cultivate the best in yourself for interacting with your partner. Through persistence and collaboration, your relationship can become increasingly more conscious, alive, and loving.


On the sexual level - the level of sacred Tantric sex and sexology - you will learn how to meet each other other from a place of deep presence, profound openness, trust, and surrender. Through the teachings of Tantra you can develop this capacity. Then even sexual spiritual union and full body orgasmic bliss can be yours.


On the spiritual level – the level of Tantric Spirituality and Conscious Relationship - you will learn practices for accessing your Higher Self and expanding its influence over your reality – and therefore, your perceptions, choices, behaviors, and reactions.


On the physiological level – the level of Sexual Health - if you have sexual challenges or problems resulting from aging and health issues – and many people do – you will learn how best to deal with these. You can also optimize your body so that it equips you for the best sex you are capable of, regardless of your age and condition. To learn more about what this involves, click here.


We invite you to join us on the journey to a lasting Intimate Passionate Love: it is the journey of Conscious Relationship, Tantra, and Sexual Health. Check out our website and sign up for the 10 video series on lasting intimate passionate love to begin.



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Sacred Heart Space

The Sacred Heart Space is a space of honoring, cherishing, and reverence where the God in you acknowledges, appreciates, and bows down to the God in your lover and your lover does likewise with you. When we are in the...




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How do you feel about your relationship?

To what extent do you live according to your own truth and desires while keeping in close intimate connection with your partner?  

How do you feel about your sex life?

Do you live according to your own truth and desires while keeping close to your partner?  

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