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“When we think about our session, I am not sure what we will value the most – the wisdom you shared with us that has enabled us to better help ourselves in our relationship with each other, the love you shared that showed us how to open our hearts, or the Ejaculation Mastery techniques which were what I came for. It is amazing. I have never experienced full body orgasm before and didn’t really believe in it. I do now, after having two full body orgasms, one without ejaculation and one with ejaculation. I have begun the practice and will continue it.  Thank you with all my heart for your contribution to our lives. They will never be the same again.
Ritchie and Evelyn


“We want you to know that we were really scared about the price as we don’t earn much and, even with the break you gave us, it was a large amount for us. It has taken us four months to save the money for session two. We are going to do it though because the first one paid off big time. We would pay double or more to get what we got. You will hear from us soon. Thank you so much.



“The time with Anya and Steven was educational yet sensual and erotic, as they created a very warm space, both with the cozy/sensual room and their knowledge in Tantra paired with their warm beings. They mixed educational information about Tantra and relationships with practical sensual/erotic exercises which gave us a good overall introduction to Tantra. There was only one problem…time went by too fast! We understood there was so much more to learn and experience.

Lasse, Sweden


“I simply cannot tell you how much our session last week meant to us. Words cannot adequately express all that we learned about ourselves, tantra and other things. We brought in problems and got solutions – some of which were immediate and others we understand will take time with practice.  You both made us so comfortable in your space that one would think this was our 20th session and not the very first one. We feel so much better about ourselves and each other after being with you. What age took away, you put back in one session. We would not hesitate to allow you to take us wherever you wanted to take us. We have that much confidence in you and your abilities to understand even more than the client knows for him/her self.

It is quite evident by your knowledge and experience and from our session that one gets two wonderful tantric teachers, two most competent sex therapists, a psychologist, a sexual health expert and two very special people all wrapped up in a beautiful package! Thank you so much for the life changing experience.  We so look forward to our next session and learning more.


Bob  & Rebecca


“You asked if I’ve been practicing my ejaculation mastery.  ….  I can say that … I no longer need to ejaculate in order to have deeply satisfying sex. Freda and I are going at it like crazy, and
although we might have intercourse five or six times when we see each other, I will only ejaculate once or twice. She’s having those fantastic orgasms that keep going long after we’ve stopped having sex, which make me very happy because I love her and I love basking in the glow of her ecstasy.



“I am now in Park City visiting Rochelle, and we had our very FIRST experience with all of the wonderful things you taught me in our session. I told Rochelle what we did and how you instructed me on the wonderful techniques and philosophy of Tantra – and she loved it – and was fascinated by what we did together.

We are continuing to explore this wonderful new world of spiritual sensuality that you have introduced us to and I will keep you informed as to how we are progressing.  While she was fascinated – I still do not believe that she will want to experience a tantric session on her own, or with me, but that does not matter – I have brought a very beautiful element into our love making and I have you to thank for it.




“Your Ejaculation Mastery session was a significant investment in time and money, and I was concerned before starting–how could it be worth it?  But my concerns vanished within five minutes of walking in your door — seeing you, seeing how you treat your clients, talking with you, understanding the seriousness of your desire to teach, and your ability to do so.  You rapidly moved from “customer satisfaction” to “customer delight.”

I experienced things with you that I’ve never experienced elsewhere.  I won’t try to describe them, because I wouldn’t do justice to them. Enough to say, there is a power most of us don’t experience from day to day, and you opened the door for me.

Anyhow, thanks very much, and I hope all of your students come away with as much as I did — I expect they will.  I look forward to the next time I’m in your area and can visit you again.

David, Northern California

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