Self Love

RosesValentine’s Day is the day in which we commemorate love and the Beloved. Yet, our capacity to love the Beloved and to share our love with them is dependent on the extent in which we can love ourselves. Without this love, we cannot have a great love. Our love is too needy. We are unsure of our worth and so we are focused inward, judging ourselves and our partner’s reaction to us – quick to see insult and offense, because we so doubt ourselves. We are too contracted to emanate our joy, our power, our radiance and our love to our partner and so do not offer them our greatest gift – the gift of our big self, of our evolved, radiant presence. Learning to love ourselves is the pre-requisite.

Close your eyes for a moment and go inward. Take a few moments to answer this question: What is it about you that is most valuable? What qualities do you have that if everyone in this world had them this world would be a better place? What is it that if we knew you better than we know you that we would find most loveable in you? ………. Sum it up in a few short, succinct sentences.
share of that in you that makes you a blessing to existence and a blessing to your Beloved.

When you get together with your partner on Valentine’s Day make this sharing part of your experience with each other. Or, if you prefer, wait until then, and do it with them for the first time.

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