Sensual BathOn a Tantric Date Night we will have built the love and sexual energy in our bodies to such a pitch before we get to sex, that we are truly ready for it. Whether you are trained in Tantra or not we suggest you do the same. As not everyone reading this will be trained in moving their sexual energy in the Tantric way, instead of giving a Tantric sexual energy exchange experience, I will suggest how you can move into passion. To a significant extent it is intention. Kissing is a powerful mood setter for sex and it can be used to create passion if you decide that instead of kissing affectionately, you will kiss with intense passion. I suggest that you each share with your partner your most favorite and intense way of being kissed by kissing your partner that way, and then being kissed by your partner in the way that is their favorite way. Once you have had that experience, just dance with it and add to it erotic touch. One of you be the giver and the other the receiver and bring your partners whole body alive with your touch. Kiss your partner’s body, stroke it, tantalize it. Look into your partner’s eyes and let them know with your eyes, your expression, your sounds, your movements, and your words, how you are feeling, what you are desiring. If things should become less intense, focus with greater intensity. If you want more intensity from your partner, invite them to receive all of you, to go with you into the deepest places that they can with you. Then move from there into oral sex or some other form of erotica that you love or want to experiment with, prior to moving into intercourse. If you have decided in advance and rehearsed some kama sutra positions that you want to play with, you can bring them into your intercourse to spice things up. You can enact a fantasy that you have co-created together or one of you wants to experience. You can bring in something else that feels edgy or exciting to you. Or you can forget all of that and know that everything that you have done to this point, is to lead to more presence and more passion. The more you can focus and stay out of your mind and into your heart and your senses, the more you can let your love and your sexual energy flow and merge as one together.

We wish you a magical Valentine’s evening. You can take it to whatever point you wish. You don’t have to take to intercourse to have a great night. As long as you create emotional intimacy, sensuality, and pleasure, you can have a great night. We intend to have it all – and so we will. Your intentions will be the chief determinant of your experience also. Namaste.


Lovers 2On a Tantric Date Night Sensuality always precedes sex. So on Valentine’s Day have plenty of time for the pleasure of goalless sensual play. The Tantrica believes that every cell of the body is a sex cell and every cell can be brought erotically alive. Two sex cells –the egg & the sperm – gave birth to the whole organism and so each cell inherits some of their potential. Thus, emphasis is placed on loving and arousing the whole body and this arousal of the whole body potentiates the capacity for full body orgasm. It is important that sensuality be stimulated in a wide variety of ways to avoid boredom and with it the loss of attention so crucial to sexual turn-on.

Here are just a few ways of moving into sensuality:

Having a sensual bath or shower together with mellow music, candlelight, incense. If you have a shower, one of you can blindfold the other and tease them with different textures and sensations and suggestive whispered words and erotic touches.

Dance: Here are some varieties of dance that you can do: a sexy strip tease for your partner; an erotic dance in which you get into your sensuality and play it all out for your partner; dance together, expressing your sexiness in your dance; dance to reveal your beautiful essence to your partner.

Massage: It can begin with therapeutic and move to sensual and erotic massage or begin as a sensual massage.
Tantalizing the senses: using scents, delicious taste treats and drinks, sounds, such as gongs, and textures such as furs and feathers to arouse your partner with, perhaps even as they are blindfolded and each experience is intensified by the element of surprise.

Kissing: Kissing is an art that can be learned and taken to ever increasing heights. Feel your love in your heart and bring that love up into your lips and tongue. Kiss as if the kiss were going to be the erotic highlight of the night. Kiss as if you were going to bring your partner to orgasm with the kiss alone. Tantalize and dance with your kiss.

We hope that enjoy playing with some of these sensual suggestions on your Valentine’s Night.

If you happen to be alone, you can dance with yourself and eye gaze with yourself as you give yourself tantalizing and erotic touch. You can add to your pleasure with scents, gourmet taste treats and elixars. You can have a wonderful time alone.

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