Couples In Long-Term Relationships


  • You love each other but are frustrated and disappointed with your highly valued but imperfect relationship.
  • You are basically content but know that your relationship is not all that it could be or that you would like it to be.  You are grateful that you are not alone and have a good person to spend out your life with.  You feel safe but you are resigned and disappointed that it is not more.
  • Problems with sexual desire, arousal and fulfillment are a thorn in your relationship.
  • You have a longing for the end of relationship conflict, and for deeper emotional intimacy and more passionate sex.
  • You are too busy or too bored, or both, to give each other the high quality attention & appreciation you gave each other in the beginning.
  • You spend too much time arguing and fighting with each other and too little time making love.  Too many mean spirited interactions have taken their toll on you both and diminish your happiness and sex interest in each other.
  • You love each other deeply and have the pleasure of harmony and peace in your relationship – but just don’t feel enough desire to have sex more than infrequently.
  • You each have done a lot of personal growth work, and the good times are really good because how much you have grown – but you still get triggered and regress, so that all hell breaks loose – and you lose your desire for each other.
  • You want to experience the intertwining of sexual passion with soul union.
  • You would be content with having good sex frequently enough – or the reverse, sex largely being forgotten about.
  • You feel you are soul mates and are profoundly satisfied with your relationship. You just wish there was more passion and newness in your sex? There are also troublesome glitches at times that you have trouble dealing with and wish would go away for good.
  • Your relationship, which was once full of intimacy, and passion, is now a low desire and low arousal, companionship.
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