Conscious Relationship More About Senior Couples


Being middle aged, and understanding the unique problems of middle aged couples, especially in the sexual arena, we also have a special affinity for working with middle-aged couples.


Senior couples have their own unique challenges.  In addition to the challenges faced by other committed couples they are facing social messages about what it is possible to have after 50 where romance, sex and passion is concerned.  These are messages that their days of romance and passion are over, that their days in the limelight of their lover and the world are passed, that they must focus on safety and security.  They must accept less because they are less attractive, less vital, and less interesting.


In addition to these socially instilled beliefs, they face the very real facts of their changing bodies and their decreasing libidos.  While these facts may be real, some of them are not inevitable; some of them can be reduced, delayed or prevented altogether.  These facts can also be held in an entirely different context – a more empowering, uplifting context, that leads to self respect and opens seniors to new possibilities for fulfillment and gratification as sexual, spiritual partners and lovers.

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