Conscious Relationship More

They make sure to create a balance between their own needs as an individual person and the needs of their partner and relationship.  They will not sell out who they are and how they want to live in order to avoid conflict and to obligate their partner to limit their own self-expression and desires.
Each partner knows their self worth and does not rely on their partner to validate it.
They fulfill themselves in a variety of ways instead of relying on their relationship to meet all their needs.  They are open to the adventure of life and find a way to create a balance between its competing demands that includes fulfilling and enriching themselves.
They accept the challenge to keep their sexual relationship alive and juicy and take action in support of this.
In so doing they are creating the conditions for a deeply intimate, conscious relationship.  The pathway to achieving a Conscious Relationship, we call Evolutionary Relationship.  This is the growth work you do to arrive at a Conscious Relationship.

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