Conscious Relationships – Overview


In a conscious relationship, the two individuals in a couple are on a path of growth.  Each  one is dealing with their unresolved childhood feelings and limiting beliefs that trigger  frightened, anxious emotional responses to things in the present and in their relationship.  They both support each other in doing the same.

They  make sure to create a balance between their own needs as an individual person and the needs of their partner and relationship.  They will not sell out who they are and how they want to live in order to avoid conflict and to obligate their partner to limit their own self-expression and desires.

Each partner knows their self worth and does not rely on their partner to validate it.

They fulfill themselves  in a variety of ways instead of relying on their relationship to meet all their needs.  They are open to the adventure of life and find a way to create a balance between its competing demands that includes fulfilling and enriching themselves.

They accept the challenge to keep their sexual relationship alive and juicy and take action in support of this. In so doing they are creating the conditions for a  deeply intimate, conscious relationship.

If this is not a description of your relationship, is your relationship described below?

Many couples who love each other are frustrated and disappointed with their highly valued but imperfect relationship. Other couples are basically content but know that their relationship is not all that it could be or that they would like it to be. Problems with sexual desire, arousal, and fulfillment can be a thorn in both types of relationship.

Most couples have a desire for the end of relationship conflicts, deeper emotional intimacy, and more passionate sex. Some couples have a longing for the intertwining of sexual passion with soul union. Others would be content with having good sex frequently enough – or the reverse, sex largely being forgotten about.

Some fortunate couples feel that they are soul mates and are profoundly satisfied with their relationship.  They just wish there was more passion and newness in their sex. There are also troublesome glitches at times that they have trouble dealing with and wish would go away for good.

Or they have a passionate and happy relationship and want to take it to the next level to experience even greater intimacy and more transcendent sex, because such a great love deserves it.

If you want an Intimate Passionate Love with your highly significant partner and the early romantic phase of biochemical turn-on has already been passed through, one indispensable ingredient is the development of a conscious relationship.

It is hard to face the fact that you may not have a conscious relationship. This is especially so when you are intelligent, compassionate human beings who care deeply for each other, and who might even have achieved what others might describe as a good, even enviable, relationship. We know. It was so for us – and sometimes still is.

Could unconsciousness in your relationship be a block to intimacy and passion?

How do you know if there is enough unconsciousness in your relationship for it to be a roadblock to the intimacy and passion that you seek?

  • You are having arguments and fights, and the same old issues keep re-emerging.
  • You push each others’ buttons and react to each other when that happens in the same old alienating ways.
  • You blame each other for your disappointments, frustrations, and feelings.
  • You sacrifice a significant amount of who you are and what you want for your relationship.
  • You don’t have much to say to each other beyond organizing your life together.
  • Fun, pleasure, play, creativity, relaxation, stimulating experiences – either alone or together – are far too rare.
  • You don’t have a balance of separateness and togetherness.
  • You’re always too tired or too busy for quality time with each other.
  • Your appetite for sexual love is no longer a powerful force in your lives and you are not doing anything much about it

If some or all of these apply, you are dealing with a certain amount of unconsciousness in your relationship. The good news is that you can do something about it. You can have the relationship of your dreams!

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