Conscious Relationship More About Singles


Here are some questions to consider:


  • What past programming causes problems in your relationships and what growth do you need to do to go beyond it?
  • How do you achieve this growth?
  • What are the next steps in your personal evolution that will enable you to attract the caliber of person you are looking for by becoming the caliber of person they desire?
  • What are the psychological dynamics that take place in relationship?
  • How will your recognize them in your future partner and yourself when they are in full force?
  • How will you deal with them when you do, so as to lead to greater intimacy and passion instead of resentment, disrespect, and withdrawal?
  • How will you avoid the negative effects of familiarity that you experienced in the past?
  • What about sex?

You can prepare now by developing the sexual consciousness and skills of a very fine lover – a Tantric lover.


Although skills can be practiced with others, everything you need to learn you can learn alone.


These practices can lead to extraordinary places of sexual and spiritual connection with yourself and with the divine, while you wait for your special beloved.

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