Lovingcouple2Valentine’s Day celebrates romance and when we are in the belly of the romantic experience we are focused on the moment and that moment is illuminated by the presence of our partner. Real love, love that is truly felt, takes place in the here and now. When we are totally focused in the here and now we are in Tantra no-time. Real love takes place in the feeling heart. All that is right with our partner, is received into our feeling heart. We honor the God within them. In so doing we move into a higher love.

Tantrica’s often come into that place of powerful heart connected presence through facing each other, either standing or sitting, looking into each others eyes and taking each others presence and then, hands in prayer position, giving each other a bow, while keeping the eye contact. They may accompany this bow with the word Namaste – “The light in me recognizes and honors the light in you”. This little ritual helps create a womb of focused appreciative presence around the couple and casts outside of it anything that distracts the partners from their full focused experience of each other. It says “Now I let go of everything else and come into the moment fully with you.”

Another way this can be done, is to take turns, looking into each others eyes and casting out everything you don’t want and then, afterwards, bringing in everything you want. So I say, “I cast out stress.” My partner says, “I cast out boredom.” I say, “I cast out judgment.” My partner says, “I cast out distraction.” Etc, etc. I say: “I bring in appreciation. My partner says: “I bring in playfulness.” I say: “I bring in sensuality.” My partner says: “I bring in erotic languaging.” Etc. etc.

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