Tantric Suggestions for Making Valentines Day Special

HappyCoupleInLoveEvery where that Valentine’s Day is celebrated, people associate that day with lover’s coming together to commemorate their love. Lovers everywhere gather with each other to have a romantic evening, in which they acknowledge and appreciate each other, exchange gifts and make love. It is on this day that we do their utmost to set aside our differences and all the distractions in our lives, to focus our attention upon each other.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, over the next 24 hours I will come up with some suggestions for what might you want to bring to your Valentine’s Day celebrations to make it as special as it is supposed to be. For Tantrica’s you will notice that on Valentine’s Day, what is needed to give us what we want we want, is the true Tantric experience – meeting and communing with the Beloved.

What I will be sharing, in any order, will include some, perhaps all, of the following

1. Self Love
2. Relaxation
3. Presence
4. Emotional intimacy
5. The Sacred Heart Space
6. Sensuality
7. Sexual Passion

Please post your comments or your questions with regard to any or all of them. Steven and I hope that they help make your Valentine’s Day experience the rich deep communion with your Beloved that you long for – even if your Beloved is yourself.


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