The sexual challenges listed below are not necessarily physiologically based.  However, they may be and if they are they need a physiologically based response.  If they also are caused by psychological or relationship matters, these matters would also need to be attended to.

These sexual problems  include:


  • Hormonal problems of both men and womenDue to age and ill health both men and women can have hormonal problems that make it more difficult for them to function sexually or to experience the level of sexual intensity they once experienced.  The exposure of pharmaceutical hormones as being unhealthy and unsafe for women, has left many women in a quandary and a significant proportion of those have chosen to go without hormone supplementation.  However, it is possible to get excellent natural hormones from compounding pharmacies and even an estrogen that has been discovered to be protective against cancer.
  • Libido problems
    Libido is sexual desire.  Having it or not having it is influenced by numerous factors such as hormonal imbalance, emotional issues within the relationship, health conditions (adrenal dysfunction, diabetes, heart, alcoholism, smoking, etc.), pharmaceuticals used for treating health conditions.  Usually a low libido needs to be tackled on both a psychological and physiological basis.
  • Erectile DysfunctionMost erectile dysfunction is psychological and relationship based.  However, the older a man gets, the more likely he is likely to have a problem with getting or keeping an erection or having as strong an erection as he used to.  This impact of aging is physiological and there are natural supplements that you can take for it that far healthier and less effective than medical drugs.  There are exercises too that can help significantly.
  • Premature EjaculationPremature Ejaculation is generally more psychological, cultural, and relationship based than physiological.  However, it can be physiological and when it is, it can be a symptom of a coming health problem.
  • Sexual Enhancement (Aphrodisiacs, etc)Whether your sexual problems are caused by psychological, cultural, relationship or physiological problems, aphrodisiacs can help.  They provide the body with the nutrients it needs to feel more desire and to be more responsive to sexual stimulation.  If chosen wisely, they can a great adjunct to your sex life.
  • Penis SizePenis size is usually not the issue that men think it is, unless they are too big.  However, if men do want to increase the size of their penis, there are supplements that will increase the size by providing the nutrition that the penis needs.  Their are also exercises that help increase penis size.  These are not over-night wonders but they are effective over time.  There are also supplements that can be taken just prior to intercourse that enable the penis to be stronger and harder and therefore look bigger,

  • Bad BackWhen people have a bad back they often avoid sex until they get better.  But what do you do when a bad back is a long term, or permanent, fixture of one or both of your lives? Depending on the nature of  the back problem certain positions and love-making techniques can help.

  • OverweightOverweight is a sexual problem for several reasons.  Firstly, the woman often feels unattractive and tries to hide herself in the dark.  Her lack of self confidence effects her joy and her attractiveness to her partner.  Her partner, who, if a man, may rely on visual stimulation to become aroused may have more  trouble getting aroused and thus the sex life of such a couple becomes more infrequent and less satisfying.  This can also be the case if the man is significantly overweight.  Thus, solving the problem of overweight can result in a great increase of turn on in a couple’s sex life.  Fortunately, weight loss has become a sophisticated science in the last few years.  The supplements, diet and excrcise program that is most likely to have a real impact on you are available to be shared.

  • Desire and Potency Challenges resulting from the Side Effects of DrugsDrugs for depression, blood pressure control, cholesterol, and the heart are all known to have side effects for a significant percentage of those who take them.  There may be some solutions to this quandary both through the help of your M.D. and through making diet and life-style changes that decrease the need for such drugs, possibly even completely.
  • Bad Breath and Body OdorBad breath and body odor are incompatible with sexual desire and arousal.  Flatulence can also get in the way.  A woman’s lack of confidence that her vaginal juices are pleasing can make her reluctant to allow her partner to have oral sex with her throughout their relationship.  If they truly are a problem then her partner will not want to engage, even if she desires it.  If a man;s sexual semen has an unpleasant taste, his woman will not want him to ejaculate into her mouth, no matter how much she loves and desires him.  All these things are powerfully effected by diet choices, digestion, dental issues, and imbalances in the body that can be corrected.
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