Hello Seekers of Sexual Vitality,

If you have sexual problems that result from health issues – and many people do – you need to deal with these, if you and your partner are not to suffer unnecessarily.

If you are aging and you have one or more of the usual issues that come with menopause and andropause, I can help your discover what is involved and what you can do to counteract or mitigate this.

If you have sexual problems resulting from illnesses or the drugs you take to counteract illnesses, I can share with you what I know about natural ways of dealing with this and what you can do to optimize your intimate relationship and sexual connection, whether or not your health issues can be resolved.

If you are suffering from low libido, it helps to discover its cause and get guidance on how to overcome it.

If you have sexual problems that may have medical or natural solutions, such as some erectile dysfunction, orgasm problems, and low libido, I will direct you towards those.

Your body influences your mind and your feeling and these influence your relationship and your sexuality. How can you optimize your body so it equips you for the best sex you are capable of, regardless of your age and condition? What turns your body on and what turns it off? What can you do about it? These are things that we all benefit from addressing. The older we get the more important this is.

Steven Vogue, DC, ND.

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