Radiance Meditation

Radiance Meditation CD
Radiance CD: Meditation for Happiness & Serenity
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Radiance Meditation CD

Take a journey into your high being…

Created by relationship counselor and Tantra teacherAnya Shekina, Ph.D., and composer/producer Bryan Schroeder, this guided meditation will uplift you into an expanded state of happiness.

Allow this meditation practice to help you:

  • Move beyond your mind and into the divine void where you can experience your spiritual self
  • Awaken your senses and discover a non-drug path to relaxation and mood elevation
  • Create a deeper, happier and more sensual connection with your lover
  • Create a positive, happy disposition that will enable you to enjoy life more and enable your partner to enjoy you more. It will therefore create more love and intimacy in your relationship.

Take a journey into your high being…

Created by relationship counselor and Tantra teacherAnya Shekina, Ph.D.,and composer/producerBryan Schroeder, this guided meditation will uplift you into an expanded state of happiness.

Allow this meditation practice to help you:

  • Move beyond your mind and into the divine void where you can experience your spiritual self.
  • Awaken your senses and discover a non-drug path to relaxation and mood elevation.
  • Create a deeper, happier and more sensual connection with your lover.
  • Create a positive, happy disposition that will enable you to enjoy life more and enable your partner to enjoy you more. It will therefore create more love and intimacy in your relationship.

The music and narrative in this CD is designed to gently guide and empower you in the following sacred practices:


The Practice of Tantric Consciousness.

One of the foundational pre-requisites of Tantra is to be totally present in the moment, with your consciousness focused in your senses and out of your mind. When you are in this place of Tantric consciousness, everything becomes more vivid and intense, both in your life in general and in your sensuality and sexuality.

The Practice of Accessing Your High Being Self

Your High Being Self is your most loving, wise, peaceful, radiant self. Accessing this place slows you down so that you can transit from the busy work world to a more serene inner place that is much more suited to the enjoyment of life and love. Relating to others from this place creates a real heart opening, which is especially ideal when you seek to connect with a Beloved or a potential lover.Thus, accessing your High Being Self is an excellent way to begin a “date night”. Beyond that, it also uplifts you into high spiritual dimensions, giving you a taste of your divine nature.

The Practice of Meditation

Meditation is a training in inner stillness and silence, where your personality goes onto the back burner and your soul being essence comes to the front burner. This inner silence and stillness leads you into the void, a place where there is no boundary between the inner and the outer. You become one with existence. This is what meditation is intended for – to lead you into the eternal and infinite – and in so doing to prepare you for the experience of the divine in this lifetime.

The Practice of Choosing Happiness

When you feel happy, serene and radiant, you truly enjoy your inner state. It is an attractive place to be in, making your meditation easier and more uplifting. However, if your mood is uninspiring, distracting thoughts creep in. The solution is to change your mood – to uplift it in the direction of inner radiance and to hold that state for long enough for it to become truly yours. This guided meditation enables you to consciously choose happiness in this way.

The Practice of Preparing Your Psyche for Sex

Our normal day to day lives are so busy and, often so overwhelming, that it is hard to slow down enough to be in the mood for sex. With you mind busy and concerned about your to-do list and a multitude of unmet obligations, one of the most important things in your life, your love life with your partner, can be put on the back burner, so frequently that ultimately it burns out. If you set a time for love-making, and then do this meditation together, facing each other as you do it, you will slow down your energies, uplift your spirit, and come into that inner state from wherein it is most easy to love and be loved. When you open your eyes and look into each others' eyes, you will be totally present and available and looking into the eyes of the Beloved. From there you can move into an hands on heart eye gazing experience, followed by light, sensual, Tantric Touch and you are already in the midst of what will be beautiful night of love.

The Practice of Preparing Yourself for Death

Carl Jung said that from the time a persona turns 40 they should begin to prepare themselves for death. What he was saying is that they should turn some of their focus from the material world to the spiritual world. The quintessential spiritual experience is to become silent and still inside so that you experience yourself, not as the thinking mind, but as the soul. You become consciousness without thought. By this means you begin to experience what it means to exist without a body and without a mind but still to be. This is the taste of death that you can have without passing over and without drugs. This is the gift of meditation. However, when you uplift your silent, focused consciousness to a state of radiance and serenity, this experience is so delighttful that you are encouraged to stay in this state and not to mind wander. You then taste of your divinity – the divinity of your every lasting soul. When the time comes, for you to actually pass over, if you are familiar with this meditation, and do it in your dying days, you will pass over with trust, without fear and in a state of spiritual radiance.


In the Morning – To Set the Tone for Your Day

Do this meditation every morning upon awakening to set the tone for your day and you will begin the day in an uplifted state, that will impact your whole day.

In the Evening – To Move From the Day's Business to a Place of Heart-centered Presence in the Evening

Do this meditation in the evening, at the end of your work day, and you will become more present and heart-centered with those you share your evenings with. Your partner and children will love it.

In the Night – To Prepare You for a Peaceful Sleep

Do this meditation before you go to sleep, and you will fall asleep more easily, sleep more peacefully, be more likely to have good dreams, and awaken in better spirits.

When You are In a Bad Mood or Facing a Crisis – To Enable you to Mood Shift and Elevate Your Consciousness

Do this meditation whenever you move into a negative and unhappy place or are faced with some inner crisis. either in your work or at home. You do not have to listen to the CD. You will come to know what to do and how to do it without listening to it after a while and will be able to mood alter in about 5 minutes or so.

When you are triggered by your partner or others and want to attack or withdraw from them – To Heal Your Wounded Self and Connect with Your Spiritual Core Being Essence

Do this meditation, when you are triggered into an emotional upset in your relationship with your partner (or your children) and find yourself either wanting to attack them or withdraw from connection with them. What is being triggered in your cracked identity that hold's the messages of your low self worth – your not good enough self. What is being lost is your connection with your spiritual core being essence – your connection with your high being self. This meditation will provide an escape route from your threatened sense of unworthiness to your unshakable spiritual core. You will then be able to deal with the problems you are facing from a place of even keel. The communication techniques that you have learned but have trouble using, will now become available to you.

When You are Scattered and Numbed Out and Want to Experience Life from a Place of Appreciation and Presence

Do this meditation, when every you feel scattered or numbed out and need to come into a place of presence and appreciate your existence. Close your eyes and go inward and become present to yourself, uplift your vibrational field, and experience yourself as a radiant soul. Once you are familiar with the process you can do it in 5 minutes or as long as you want. When you are complete, take a few moments to experience nature, be it flowers in a vase or nature outside your door. Experience your open heart and direct it towards who ever comes your way. Feel your love for yourself, send it to others. Then go about your day.

When you are Anxious and Want to avoid an Anxiety Attack

Do this meditation when you are anxious – especially if you sense you are about to move into an anxiety attack. You will find that you can alleviate your anxiety and even avoid that anxiety attack. Don't wait to do it until you are having the anxiety attack.

When you are Depressed and Want to Escape from the Unendurable

Do this meditation when you are depressed. Perhaps you feel terribly about yourself and your life. Nothing seems good enough. You may feel ashamed or cheated and disappointed and even want to hide away. Instead of suffering this, or trying to talk yourself out of your negative state, do this meditation, and uplift your vibrational field. When you are complete, you will find that once your feelings have been uplifted that your thoughts will change. Things will no longer feel as bad. They will have no more power over you than a long since gone past problem and the suffering that once existed because of it. You will feel better about yourself and your life. However, there is a caveat. This transformed state will last only until you bombard yourself with your next series of negative thoughts. So be careful what you think.

When you Know You Are Dying or As You Are Dying

Do this meditation in the months, weeks and days before dying. It will strengthen your spiritual connection with yourself and with the Divine. You will familiarize yourself with the experience of being a conscious soul and thus understand what it means to die and not have a body and yet still exist. Thus, you will begin to absolve whatever fear you have of passing over. If you become thoroughly familiar with this meditation, when your time comes, bring yourself into this state of inner radiance and pass over to the other side in a state of trust, love, and serene radiance. It has been said that if you die with love and trust in your heart, the evolution of your soul is accelerated.


Create a time and space where you can be alone – or alone in meditation with your partner. A regular time and space will create a healthy and uplifting habit of doing this meditation. Turn off your phones, the TV, and your computer. Ask anyone in the household who might interrupt you to give you privacy for the next period of time. Closed your door. Sit or lie comfortably. Whether sitting or lying, let your spine be straight. Close your eyes and go inward.

Side One of the CD is a guided meditation, with vocals by Anya, backed by an original Zen like score by composer and musician, Bryan Schroeder. The first 17 minutes are the guided meditation and music sound track. The next 10 minutes are the soundtrack alone, so that you can continue your meditation in silence for another 10 minutes. If at the end of 27 minutes you would like to meditate longer, after a minute or so side two will come on.

Side Two is 27 minutes of Radiance Meditation Music. You can either listen to it for a longer meditation or listen to it alone. Once you are familiar with the meditation, you can lead yourself through the stages of meditation while this exquisite music creates the sound frequencies that will help take you there.

In order to support you in choosing to meditate for as long as you wish, you will not be told to open your eyes and come back to the room and re-oriente yourself to your day. Whenever you are ready, you can choose to do this.

You can do this meditation with your partner prior to love-making.

If you wish, you can do this meditation with your partner prior to love-making as a way of letting the world go and becoming present to each other in a serene and uplifted state. It is from this state that you will find it natural to be in the Sacred Heart Space and meet each other as the Beloved. It is from this state that your heart will open and love will flow more easily between the two of you. It is from this state that you become more easily aware of your senses and feel attraction to, and from, your partner.

A Note From Anya

Research shows that “where attention goes, energy flows”. So, like an actor on the stage, begin to imagine a time in your life when you felt really wonderful and through your imagination and focused attention recreate that state for yourself… I have used this meditation technique with myself over and over again and there was never a time when it did not work. I began teaching it to both my counseling clients and my Tantra clients. Now I am sharing it with you. Accessing happiness will soon become effortless – once you make the shift, expand this uplifted state and radiate it throughout your body.

Namaste ~ I honor the light within you

Acknowledgments to those that helped create this cd.

For more music by Bryan Schroeder, visit www.BrySchMusic.com
For audio production by Gordon Hookailo, visit www.GDHdigital.com
Edit & Design – Melissa Page Schroeder MelissaPageMusic.com

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