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[toggle Title=”RE-ROMANCING YOUR RELATIONSHIP”] Learn how to turn your imperfect but highly valued relationship into one that is more intimate, deep, loving, sexy and uplifting. Learn how to do a romantic, Tantric Date Night Experience with each other that will take you from relaxation, through mental/emotional intimacy, into the Sacred Heart Space and powerful, heart centered presence, into sensuality in many forms, and from there into surrender and hot, passionate, sacred sex.  What you learn can be recreated in many new and wonderful ways throughout your relationship.  We will show you how. [/toggle]

[toggle Title=”THE SACRED HEART SPACE & THE GIFT OF FOCUSED PRESENCE”] Develop the capacity to set a sacred context for your relationship and for your love-making sessions with each other. Learn how to move into a place of honoring and cherishing and give each the kind of alert appreciative attention that usually is only identified with new relationships.  This enables you to get the same pay-off in terms of attraction and desire as a new relationship brings. Learn how to hold onto the Sacred Heart Space as you move into the sensual and the sexual and experience how this elevates not only your love but your passion for each other.[/toggle]

No matter how you touch now, you can learn to touch in ways that are truly arousing to both the giver and the receiver of the touch and to bring the receivers whole body alive so that they are longing for more. The writer of these words was once a poor toucher and now she knows, and, together with her partner (and her teacher) will teach you how, to touch in a way that leads to orgasmic bliss.  The woman as well as the man will learn how to touch in a sensual, arousing way, bringing her creativity and lots of variety into the action.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”EJACULATION MASTERY & FULL BODY ORGASM”]Learn how to last for long as you want without ejaculating and how to flood your body with so much sexual energy that you experience full body orgasm with or without ejaculating. In so doing you will not only by able to last long enough for a woman with a healthy orgasmic capacity to become orgasmic, or even multi-orgasmic, but you will project your powerful, alive, sexual energy to her, thrilling her as you thrill yourself. You will also develop the capacity to separate orgasm from ejaculation and thereby become a multi-orgasmic man, able to time your ejaculation to when your partner has her orgasm.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”EXPANDED ORGASM & FEMALE EJACULATION – FOR WOMEN”]Women can have all sorts of problems with orgasm. Sometimes it stems from the man not being able to last long enough or knowing how to touch her. Sometimes it stems from psychological wounds, trying too hard, sexual inhibitions, prejudices and with-holding or simply established body-mind reflexes that no longer work. We can help you sort out what the issue is and assist you in going beyond it.
Some women are orgasmic and love sex but want to have bigger more, intense, long-lasting orgasms, g-spot orgasms, full body orgasms, to be multi-orgasmic or to ejaculate. Some women want to experience the union of their sexual and spiritual energies both within themselves and between themselves and their partner, during orgasm. Women, who desire such things and have a sensitive and willing partner, can frequently achieve them. We can help the man become that sensitive partner.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”MULTIPLE FULL BODY ORGASM WITHOUT EJACULATION – FOR MEN WHO HAVE TROUBLE EJACULATING”]Many more men than most people realize have problems ejaculating.  This session will deal with those problems from a number of perspectives – psychological, spiritual, physiological and the relationship.  You will be shown what not to do that men with this problem invariably do and how to gradually train your body to ejaculate in your partner.  However the main thrust of this session is to teach you how to have full body orgasm without ejaculating – as often as you wish – when making love with your partner.  Neither of you will miss the ejaculation and when you reach that point the psychological hypnosis and performance anxiety that may be in your way, will be broken.  Your partner will learn how to be your coach in this session.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”YUMMY EROTIC SEX FOR COUPLES WHERE THE MAN HAS ERECTILE DIFFICULTIES”]Is sex over for a couple when he can’t get a hard on?  At best is it all about her when this happens?  We say no.  It is possible to have sacred, intimate, passionate dates that are sexually satisfying and emotionally bonding to both partners.  There is a whole world of sensual and intimate pleasure to be explored outside of penetration – especially as the man can have the subjective feeling of arousal and orgasm, even if he doesn’t have an erection.  Also, if the man can get a semi-hard on, we will show you a way that you can have intercourse again.  Should the man’s problems be either psychological or relationship based, we can help to resolve the psychological and relationship issues involved.  If they are physically based, we can provide with  natural health & life style change alternatives that may help.  If you are open to these, that can serve you either as an adjunct to your medical therapy or, ultimately, when your health has improved sufficiently to allow for it, in place of your medical therapy – which may be the cause of your erectile difficulties.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”HOW TO GIVE FEEDBACK SO YOUR PARTNER KNOWS HOW TO BRING YOU TO A PLACE OF BLISS”]We are not psychic, although we can appear to be so if our partner gives us excellent feedback about what turns them on and we pay close attention. Unskilled lover can become a skilled lover when he or she knows how to elicit and give the feedback that is needed in the way it can best be heard. Become co-creative partners in creating the turned on relationship you want by learning how to know what turns you on, how to express it with sensitivity and how to play with that information once you have it.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”MULTIPLE AND EXTENDED TANTRIC ORGASM”]There is an art to experiencing multiple orgasm and extended, full body, becoming “one with existence” orgasm. Both men and women can learn this Tantric art. In the experiencing of such orgasms, an intense love grows that will hold you through the bad times because the good times are just so very good.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”KAMA SUTRA”]Kama Sutra adds variety to sex and this is immensely important to the excitement and satisfaction of sex which is compromised by the same thing over and over. Kama Sutra has positions that are extremely well adapted for the stimulation of the woman’s G-Spot thereby helping the man bring the woman to a G-Spot orgasm. Many Kama Sutra positions lead to increased arousal different ones being more suited to some than others. They are fun and exciting to experiment with. Kama Sutra positions were designed to help couples with different genital size reach a more perfect fit with each other. They enable a smaller man to better satisfy a bigger woman or a bigger man to more easily enter and gratify a smaller woman.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”ECSTATIC SEXUAL STATES IN INTERCOURSE”]If you want to experience a state of the divine with your partner to marry the spiritual and the sexual in your love life then turn to Tantra. If you want to move into the light and experience sex as ecstatic bliss, we can help you. If you want to move out of the dungeons of dark fantasies that have you in their grip, which seem addictive and necessary to sexual arousal and even orgasm, absolutely know that it can be different – that you can move into the light and have it all without missing anything.[/toggle]


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