Sexual Problems Shared By Men and Women


[toggle title=”PERFORMANCE ANXIETY”]Performance anxiety is at the base of, or a contributing factor, to many sexual problems. A combination of psychological and Tantric spiritual counseling can be very effective in resolving this.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”SEXUAL WOUNDS”]Sexual wounds are psychologically based trauma resulting from negative past experiences that close you down sexually in some way. They block you from experiencing sexual pleasure. Those blocks could be cutting you off from almost any sexual satisfaction and causing deep dissatisfaction on the part of yourself and your partner. They could be keeping you from the peak sexual experiences that you could otherwise have. They may be thwarting you in a multitude of different ways.

Counseling and Tantra are a powerful team when it comes to dealing with sexual wounds. Tantra teaches you to focus in a positive way on the sensations in your body, to move energy with your consciousness, to open your heart in deep appreciation and surrender. Male prostate massage and female g-spot massage can both be used, by an experienced practitioner, to help you to re-experience the painful feelings and to bring them into the conscious mind where they can be dealt with. It is then possible to let them go.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”DIMINISHED LIBIDO”]If your libido is not what it used to be the problem may be physiological, resulting from age, hormonal issues, side effects of medication, depression, or illness, in which case this will be addressed on the sexual health page. It may however, be a result of relationship problems and familiarity, in which case conscious relationship coaching will be very helpful. Alternatively, the issue may result from tiredness, stress and an inability get out of your mind and into your body. In fact, even when other issues are in effect, some or all of these factors usually also play an important role.

It is here that Tantra can be most helpful. Tantra teaches you to be really present to your body and your partner so that you feel more. Together with conscious relationship counseling, Tantra is also helpful when low libido is caused by negative attitudes towards sex that result in sex becoming a very low priority or avoided altogether.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”GETTING TURNED ON TO YOUR PARTNER”]Sometimes getting turned on is not an issue of libido. Other people outside your primary relationship may attract you and turn you on but not your partner. To the extent that this is an attitudinal problem caused by familiarity, relationship problems, and changes in physical appearance, a combination of conscious relationship counseling and Tantra can be very effective.

Tantra teaches you how to develop a mind set of focused presence and to appreciate yourself and your partner. It shows you how to create an ambiance that invites you to experience yourself and your partner as sexual/spiritual beings. Conscious relationship instruction teaches you to develop the psychological and life style attributes that are most conducive to being desirable to your partner. In the sexual health section we talk about one other factor that can be helpful and that is aphrodisiacs for both of you.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”FETISHES AND FANTASIES YOU’RE DEPENDENT ON FOR AROUSAL AND ORGASM”]Fetishes and fantasies are a sexual problem when you are dependent on them for arousal and orgasm. One of the great gifts of Tantra is that it trains you to get out of your head and, with it, out of your memory and imagination. You become focused on your senses and learn how to move your sexual energy with your consciousness and to spread your sexual energy throughout your body. In this way your learn to rely in your own sexual sensations, and not the context in which they are experienced, for your arousal.[/toggle]

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