Men’s Sexual Challenges


[toggle title=”GETTING OR MAINTAINING AN ERECTION”]Erectile dysfunction may be psychologically based, physically based, a product of the relationship, or any mixture of these causes. When it is psychologically based Tantra plus some counseling can turn the problem around. When it is a by-product of the relationship, moving on the path of conscious relationship can resolve this problem. When it is physically based, sexual health solutions may be available and make a very significant difference. However, even when erectile dysfunction is physically based, Tantra can help. This is because through Tantra you can learn to flood your body with sexual energy and become orgasmic – with or without an erection. You can also learn to deal with the performance anxiety that naturally accompanies erectile dysfunction – and can even cause it.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”ACHIEVING EJACULATION”]Just as some women have trouble letting go in orgasm, so some men have trouble letting go in ejaculation. Tantra takes the emphasis off ejaculation and puts it on orgasm. Through Tantra a man can learn to experience full body orgasm and multiple orgasm without ejaculating. When this is the case the importance of the ejaculation dissolves. When ejaculation becomes an irrelevant issue the psychological barriers to experiencing it disappear, thereby ultimately enabling the ejaculatory response to re-emerge.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”PREMATURE EJACULATION”]Most men have this problem to some degree or another, whether they last for a few seconds, a few minutes or 10 to 20 minutes after entering their partner. As most women require about an hour of arousing intercourse to have an orgasm, for most women most men are premature ejaculators. Tantra can teach almost all men premature ejaculation mastery. It is a learnable skill in the same way as driving a car, or any other mind body reflex, is a learnable skill. It takes instruction, guidance and then a period of consistent practice until the new programming becomes second nature.


The manner in which Tantra teaches premature ejaculation control is such that in the process the man learns to experience full body orgasm, more intense orgasm, multiple orgasm, and develops the capacity to separate orgasm from ejaculation. This enables him to have simultaneous orgasm with his partner. It also enables him to get out of his head and into his body and focus on his pleasure and on his partners reactions. He no longer has to distract himself with the monitoring and diminishing of his arousal level as all this is now an automatic mind-body reflex. This enables him to be more present and responsive to his partner and to the sexual/spiritual moment, thereby becoming a more wonderful lover.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”BEING ORGASMIC OR HAVE POWERFUL ORGASMS”]Unless a man has health problems that effect him sexually, it is often the case that men who can’t ejaculate, or who have small, short orgasms, are too much in their head during intercourse. They are worried about coming too fast or not coming at all and concerned about pleasing their partner. They try too hard either to withhold their ejaculation or to ejaculate. It is a form of performance anxiety.

If this is the case, the Intimate Passionate Love Tantric method of teaching Ejaculation Mastery and Full Body Orgasm can help . The techniques you learn prevent you from being in your head and teach you to flood your body with your sexual energy, over and over again, at higher and higher levels of arousal. This leads to full body orgasm. This Tantric approach also helps because you learn how to have orgasm without ejaculating. Once you have learned this then you are capable of multiple orgasms and become a multi orgasmic lover. You also learn to understand, and communicate to your partner, the unimportance of ejaculation compared to orgasm – especially full body orgasm. Thus, the pressure to ejaculate is lifted, making it both less valued and more possible.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”ATTITUDES THAT UNDER VALUE AND MISUNDERSTAND SEX”]The attitude of some men toward sex presents a problem both to themselves and to their partner. Sex is regarded as a release, a let go. It is used to relax or for the sake of the orgasm. Sex is not used to express love and experience a powerful, exciting, bonding interaction their partner. These men do not open their hearts in sex or consider sex as a spiritual experience. This leads to an insensitive way of love-making that turns their partner away from sex with them and deprives both them and their partner of the magnificent emotionally and spiritually uplifting experience that erotic sex can be. Tantra is a perfect training to correct and transform such attitudes towards sex and to replace them with attitudes that open men, and their partners, to intimate, passionate and sacred sex.[/toggle]

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