A Message For Women Only From Anya Shekina

I am willing to teach you Tantra if your partner is not willing to join you in becoming Tantric or if you are presently alone. As you go deeper into Tantra and become more Tantric in life and in sex, your partner will experience the change and he will begin to change to meet you. Part of my coaching will be to teach you how to teach him how to be with you in a more Tantric way, and thereby become a better and more valued lover for you, as you become a better and more valued lover to him. If you are not presently with a partner, or your partnership is coming to an end, this teaching will give you a more profound and uplifting experience of life when alone and will connect you with your sexual and spiritual energies on an unprecedented level.  It will also prepare you for the next, greater union that will come into your life all the sooner because of what you will have learned.


If you and your partner are united in your intention to explore Tantra together, what I write here will give you a deeper understanding of what it is that I can bring to you as a woman.

Why I have something special to offer women

One of my great strengths is my ability to assist women to broaden and deepen their capacity to experience sexual bliss. I believe that I have something special to offer women who wish to learn to be more orgasmic and to experience the union of their sexual and spiritual energies. I have a profound understanding of what it takes to be ecstatically orgasmic, not only from the books I have read, but from my own experience of being a very orgasmic woman and my ability to identify the behaviors, physiology, and consciousness that enable me to be thus.


I wasn’t born this way.  I had to make a conscious transition from being a woman who never orgasmed, to being one who spent most of her sexual time on the edge of an orgasmic precipice that I rarely fell over, to being an orgasmic woman sometimes, to being ecstatically orgasmic most of the time.  What I learned as I made this transition has given me much of the knowledge and the skills that I have to help you.  I am about to write a book on Woman and Orgasm to teach women what I know.


If you want to become more orgasmic

If what you want to experience is to to become orgasmic, more orgasmic, multi-orgasmic, to have full body orgasm or to develop the capacity for female ejaculation, I can help guide you there.  Female ejaculation is possible – as many Tantric Goddesses are proving. It is a different experience of orgasm. It is intense, all consuming, and ecstatic.


If you want to become a Tantric woman

If what you want is to become a Tantric woman – who can actualize your sexual potential, experience the union of your sexual and spiritual energies and find sexual bliss and sacred love with your present or future lover, I am willing to assist you.  First it is important to fully experience both your sexual and your spiritual energies separately, and, only after that, to spread those energies throughout your body, so that you are engulfed by them.


I will show you how to anchor your sexual energies not only in all those cells in your body currently being stimulated and aroused but in the spiritual core of your being located in the upper energy centers of your body, known as chakras.  When you experience Tantric orgasm, you will experience the union of your sexual and spiritual energies in a very powerful way.


As I am a Tantra teacher, the path I take you on to achieve sexual bliss is a Tantric one.  It is a path into the moment by moment experience of your sensual reality – the flavor, the scent, the intensity of each sensation that rivers its way through your body – whether as a quiet, scarcely discernible, murmuring creek or the crash of a flooded waterfall in the full magnificence of a thunderstorm. Now doesn’t that sound thrilling.


Yumminess Training


Actually part of the training for “thrilling” is learning how to get into the experience of “yumminess”.  It is yumminess training:


  • Feeling yumminess;
  • Understanding your own body enough to give good feedback;
  • Expressing appreciation and gratitude so that you can be heard and loved at the same time;
  • Learning how to identify and discard the conditioning, attitudes and beliefs, particularly with regard to sexuality and how undeserving you are, that get in the way of your experiencing greater sexual pleasure, more love, and surrendering and merging with the divine.

You will need to check out, and maybe upgrade, your level of self-love and self-acceptance, become a skillful lover for yourself, train your lover unless he is already a skillful lover, and above all develop the Tantric consciousness and skills that are so suited to bringing you to a place of divine bliss.


Why you would want to learn Tantra whether alone or with a partner

What I teach you will very much depend on whether you are coming to me with a sexual problem that you need healed or because you wish to actualize your sexual and spiritual potential.  There are a number of purposes women use Tantric coaching for. I will list these below and invite you to let me know which apply to and attract you.  This then will enable me to share with how I could better serve you in your Tantric quest.


1. To become a Tantric woman who can actualize her sexual and spiritual potential through the Tantric path, while finding sexual bliss and sacred love with her lover.

2. To heal sexual wounds . Sexual wounds will block you from experiencing sexual pleasure. Those blocks could be cutting you off from almost any sexual satisfaction and causing deep dissatisfaction on the part of yourself and your partner. They could be keeping you from the peak sexual experiences that you know that you could otherwise have. They may be thwarting you in a multitude of different ways

3. To learn how to be orgasmic or more consistently orgasmic. Perhaps you have not yet had an orgasm, or don’t know if what you have is an orgasm or not, or keep riding the peak but never quite fall into the orgasmic abyss. Or perhaps you have experienced orgasm but can rarely get there, or have difficulty getting there, or get there too rarely for yourself and your partner. Or perhaps there is only a very narrow range of stimulation that can bring you to orgasm.  This will create a certain repetitiveness in your sexual experiences, leading to a lack of novelty, spontaneity and excitement in your sex life.

4. To become more acutely aware of the sensations you are experiencing and be able to expand and intensify them.

5. To experience Female Ejaculation . Female ejaculation is possible – as many Tantric Goddesses are proving. It is a different experience of orgasm. It is intense, all consuming, and ecstatic. It can be achieved by G-spot massage or intercourse. You can learn to do it to yourself and to teach a lover to do it to you.

6. To imbibe the spiritual basis of Tantra .   You will learn not through lectures but through experiences and reflections on your life and our experience together.   The essence of Tantra is to be fully present in the moment, sensing and feeling into it without the contribution of your analytical mind.  It is to experience the moment totally without thinking.  It is to acknowledge the sacred dimension in our selves and each other and bow down to the Divine, the Godhead  within. Tantra says don’t be attached to how you want things to be.  Flow with life.  Say “yes” to life and celebrate it.  Be in gratitude and find the blessing in the great “what is” of life.

7. To experience the union of your sexual and your spiritual energies –  a union that will generate new heights of ecstatic experience.  By mastering the processes of uniting your sexual and spiritual energies you will claim the capacity to generate ecstasy at will.

8. To attune to energy. You will become so present and in your senses that you will be attuned to the energetic realm within yourself and your partner. You will learn to move and direct your sexual energy to different places in your body and to transmit that energy to, and receive it from, your partner, creating, what in known in Tantra as, the circle of  bliss.


Possible Session Topics


The following are all topics that can be focused on in our sessions:


  • Transcending the conditioning that is limiting your sexual potential
  • Healing your sexual wounds
  • Romancing your relationship
  • Creating a sacred, sensual space for romantic, Tantric love-making
  • Being, and dressing like, the Goddess – and getting him to meet you as the God.
  • Going one step further and becoming a “Slut-Goddess” so that you can fully own all of your lusty, erotic energy and still be a sacred, sensual, wise, loving, innocent, nurturing woman.
  • Self-pleasuring
  • Clitoral Orgasm
  • G-spot Orgasm
  • Peaking and Plateauing
  • Female Ejaculation – Amrita
  • Female Multiple Orgasm
  • Lingham (Male Genital) Massage
  • Male G-spot (prostate) Massage/Orgasm
  • Pleasuring the God Shiva
  • Tantric Massage

If I am teaching you Tantra alone, the sessions will be conducted by either me alone or, where it is to both your advantage and your preference, by both myself and Steven.

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