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If you turn to us for support in creating a more conscious relationship and intimate passionate love you will learn to do such things as:

  • Develop a realistic sense of yourself.
  • Affirm and accept yourself.
  • Confront yourself.
  • Comfort yourself.
  • Recognize and temper your emotions.
  • Make soul commitments.
  • Make new, more appropriate to the present responses to life and your partner.
  • Stretch yourself beyond your limited conditioned perspectives, automatic responses, and survival mechanisms.
  • Give up the right-wrong game and take responsibility for your feelings.
  • Find a balance between intimacy and solitude.
  • Express your own unique creativity.
  • Develop a stimulating, enriching life outside of your partnership – both with, and separate from, your partner.
  • Know what you think and feel and be responsive and expressive to your partner and others.
  • Change your emotional biochemistry and diminish stress and mood addictions.
  • Communicate in an empowered, compassionate, authentic way designed to express your truth without triggering your partner.
  • Turn yourself and your partner on during sex.
  • Solve sexual problems you wish to overcome – including, where possible, health related sexual problems.
  • And, if you wish, Tantra, the path of sacred love, sacred sex, sacred life.

We will help you form an evolutionary partnership for the purpose of creating a conscious relationship in which you and your partner are no longer controlled by your own and each others past conditioning, repressed fears and feelings, false, negative beliefs, unworkable life decisions and defense strategies, and the uncomfortable, self-fulfilling life scripts that arise out of all of this to the disadvantage of yourselves and your relationship.

We will teach each of you how to do the work of identifying and changing your psychological dynamics and the interplay of these dynamics with your partners. These are the primary reasons that there is unconsciousness in your relationship, in spite of the fact that you both of you may experience yourself as a capable, skilled, caring human beings with much to offer your partner.

We will help you to find your own way to balance all the conflicting polarities that trouble almost all long term relationships:

  • Togetherness with Separateness
  • Love and Companionship with Freedom and Autonomy
  • Safety, Security, and Familiarity with Uncertainty, Edginess, and Mystery
  • Intimacy with Solitude
  • Emotional Intimacy with Sexual Intimacy (yes, they often are polarities)

You will learn how to walk the transitional path from unconscious to conscious relationship, which is a self-affirming act of consciousness in itself, and to align yourself with the best in you, which means to align your personality with your unconditioned core essence soul.



Our relationship problems, our sexuality, our spirituality, and our health problems are all intertwined. The each impact the other strongly and are both a cause and an effect of each other to a sufficiently significant extent that we strongly advise our clients to deal with them all, to the extent time makes possible, at the same time.

Our struggles with each other effects our desire for each other and how responsive we are to each other. Our sexual problems effect each other and how we feel about ourselves and towards each other. Our emotions and life-style as they effect our relationship also effect our sexual health, which has its impact on our sexual happiness with each other. The divorce of our spirituality from our everyday life including our sexual experiences, effects our love for ourselves, each other and our sexual interest and pleasure.

Thus, when you come to us we prefer to with your relationship problems, your sexual problems, your sexual health and also if you wish to teach you Tantra. Because this is a lot, we recommend an extended series of sessions for locals and multiple intensives for out of towners.

We are willing, however, to do whatever you need and whatever fits your budget. So if what you want is an hour phone consultation to discuss a particular issue that is troubling you both, we will be there for you.

We have some forms that we request that you fill out prior to seeing us as this will enable us to evaluate where you are and save both time and money for you.

Our preference is to do an hour session with each one of your privately before we begin working with you together. These sessions can be done on the phone separately with each of you. We do this as we find that in the private session, each person feels freer to open up about what there problems are in relation to their partner, because of the combination of privacy and professional confidentiality.



We are willing to give a free consultation prior of up to an hour, with both partners, in order to discuss what we offer, what your needs are, and whether we would be appropriate consultants for you.

Three main ways you can meet with us if you would like to have private coaching

In person coaching
If you are a local person we can meet on a regular basis and stretch the training out over time or do an intensive of any agreed upon amount of time. However for an intensive a full 8 hour day is the minimum. If you are from out of town we will need to do an intensive. We recommend a weekend intensive, or longer.

Web-cam or Skype
If you have a web-cam or Skype on your computer, as we do, we can do private sessions via web-cam almost as satisfactorily as in person. The web cam enables us to give you visual and auditory demonstrations and to watch you as you put what we teach you into practice. Web-cam consultations can be one time or ongoing consultations of any length. In any ongoing consultations we will combine what we teach with literature we send you to read.

Telephone consultations can be one time or ongoing consultations of any length in which we teach the consciousness and skills you need to develop, help you with relationship problems you are having, and guide you through discussion into more awareness, deeper connection with your partner, and to the transformations. In any ongoing consultations we will combine what we teach with literature we send you to read.


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