Sacred Heart Space

Lovers EmbracingThe Sacred Heart Space is a space of honoring, cherishing and reverence, where the God in you acknowledges, appreciates and bows down to the God in your lover and your lover does likewise with you. When we are in the Sacred Heart Space we come from the place of our high being self and focus on the inner beauty of our partner.

On a Tantric Date Night, entering into the Sacred Heart Space is often accomplished by a ritual. One time honored one, which we recommend for your Valentine’s Day, is the time honored one of gazing into each others eyes from a place of powerful, heart connected presence, with our right hand on on our partners heart and our left hand over their hand which is on our heart. Like a sexy kiss, this is something that can be done over and over again and never get old. The trick is to be really present and to access the place in you of the loving man or woman and let that love radiate to your partner as you receive the love coming from them.

Rituals such as this one are ways of transitioning out of ordinary every day consciousness into the kind of consciousness we have with each other when we first fall in love. We are in effect agreeing to let go of whatever separates us, to let go of any negative judgments or feelings that we have and to focus on what is right, good and beautiful in each of us It constitutes a movement into Shiva–Shakti consciousness and thus a movement into paradise. If we love each other enough to hang with each other through the trials and tribulations of life, why not luxuriate with each other in heaven?

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